Any presence – even though it is ignored – of a particular culture, even a silent one, is an active relay in Relation – Édouard Glissant

‘writing in relation’ is a space for thinking, research and writing with art. It was initiated by Yvette Greslé  as a way of exploring art across media and across historical, geographical, social and political conditions. Yvette is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow, Global Excellence Stature Fellowship, Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg. 

I am primarily interested in questions that have to do with history and memory and am especially engaged by art’s relationship to social, political  and autobiographical narratives. I foreground art as a site through which to think about its potentially ethical, transformative, affective, poetic and relational capacities while holding in place the actualities and after-lives of historical violence and the encounters these continue to produce and reinscribe. Art is not conceived of as an object from which the writer or historian is detached. Rather it produces languages, visual, sonic, spatial, temporal, affective, and performative that have the capacity to affect, and in doing so, to inform and expand writing and critical and ethical thinking. I think a great deal about how it is I can learn from and relate to others outside of myself and my own immediate experience of the world. See movinghistories.com for more about my theoretical, political and ethical position.

I conceive of ‘writing in relation’ as a space for documenting published and unpublished art writing and scholarly work in progress.

Reference: Édouard Glissant, [Transl. Wing, Betsy]. Poetics of Relation (Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 1997), originally published in French in 1990, p.177.

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  1. Dear Yvette,
    You might be interested in our event at Birkbeck on November 29. It is a free Masterclass with Marianne Hirsch and Susan Meiselas followed by a Storytelling performance and Roundtable discussion. The Masterclass is open to PhDs and early researchers. If you are interested, all information is on our website ottomancosmopolitanism.wordpress.com or twitter @Ottoman_Cosmo .

    Leslie Hakim -Dowek

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